Coverage Gaps Are Hindrances For Your Car Insurance

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Are you sure that your car insurance policy covers you wholly? Sometimes you might think that you are covered for losses by your insurance where you are not.

This is where you risk your insurance policy. Get to know about the most basic coverage gaps that prevail in your car insurance to avoid any complications in future.

Car Insurance Policy

Your car insurance provides coverage to you and your family members residing with you. However, any of your immediate family members who are staying away from you is not covered.You are advised to notify your insurer with the recent developments to avoid this coverage gap.

Check within your car insurance for coverage on damaged batteries or lost or stolen tires, shocks and other electronic mechanisms. Did you find that your insurance policy will not cover these? This is also an existing coverage gap in your car insurance. Even your commercial car insurance has these coverage gaps where you will only be covered for total loss or theft. So, you are advised to know about your coverage exclusions before you sign-up the policy. The policy terms are not always well defined and sometimes you might know the loss during your claims.

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