Insurance Articles

Zero Depreciation Add On in Car Insurance

Zero Depreciation add-on in Car insurance. Is it really necessary? Buying a car is a dream for many of us. While purchasing a car we put...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Insurance

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Insurance – Detailed Analysis

Policy Wordings

Download policy wordings from insurance companies in India

Should you file Small Claims under your Car Insurance?

Think whether it makes sense to file small claims under car insurance policy? Car insurance is an agreement between the Insured and the Insurer...

Second Hand Car Insurance

Second hand or Used Car Insurance - Everything to know before and after purchase. The process of buying used car or second hand car and insuring...

Rat Bite Cover In Car Insurance

Does your Car Insurance cover damages due to Rat Bite? A rodent or rat might chew the wires in the electrical system of the car which causes...

Insurance Claim For Car

Does applying for an insurance claim decrease the value of the car? Insurance can be better defined as a service rather than a product.

24x7 Road Side Assistance in Car Insurance - Coverage, Cost etc.,

24x7 Road side assistance in Car insurance is a break down service add-on which is available for the customers to avail under the comprehensive...

No Need to Carry Licence, RC and Insurance

No Need to Carry Licence, RC and Insurance from October 1st as per new Motor Vehicle Rules

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