Insurance Articles

Advantages and Disadvantages of Health Care Insurance

Healthcare insurance in general has its advantages and disadvantages which are to be weighed before purchasing a right health insurance policy.

Exclusive Services for Claim

PolicyBachat is an insurance web aggregator company started in India with an aim to let the customers “Shop Insurance for less”

Best Car Insurance Companies

Helping you find the best car insurance that fits your requirements. Car insurance is the most searched word in year 2020 on the search platforms in t

Zero Depreciation vs Third Party

Difference between the Zero Depreciation and Third Party in Car Insurance. The zero depreciation or bumper to bumper or nil depreciation in car insurance is an add-on where the claim settlement is done without factoring the depreciation amount.

Tips to reduce car insurance premium

Here are the 6 ways to reduce your Car insurance premium. Car insurance premium has been on the rise in the recent days due to many factors such as increased loss ratio, rising maintenance costs and several other factors.

Things to do after taking car insurance

Things to check after taking the car insurance policy. Car is still considered as a luxury item in the Indian market even after the entry of affordable cars.

First Party Car Insurance

Everything you need to know about First Party Car Insurance. Car insurance has two sections namely third party and the own damage section. The own damage section is also referred to as the first party car insurance.

Benefits of Third Party Car Insurance

Here are the benefits of having a Third Party Car insurance. Third party car insurance is one of the section in the car insurance policy copy, the other being the own damage section under the car insurance policy copy.

Car Pre Inspection Service in India

Everything you need to know about Car Pre Inspection Service in India. Third party Car insurance is compulsory in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act for every car plying on the public places.

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