Image of Types of Car Insurance

Types of Car Insurance

The different types of car insurance policies in India – Explained. Car insurance is the most sought after insurance product in the Indian market due to the Motor insurance act which makes at least third party car insurance compulsory to ply in the public places. Most of the people have good knowledge of car insurance in India and are able to compare and decide the premiums before taking a car insurance policy.

Image of Sum insured enhancement or New Policy

Sum insured enhancement or New Policy

Health insurance is the most sought after insurance product in the recent times due to the corona virus pandemic. The pandemic has made people realise the importance of health insurance. The corona virus pandemic has resulted in the loss of employment for many people and thereby forcing them to depend on their savings. Hence the importance of health insurance was understood by the general public after the costs associated with the hospitalization in case of corona were very high and people living on savings thought it would be highly difficult if the savings are spent for medical treatment and therefore preferred a health insurance plan.

Image of What happens when your car is beyond repair

What happens when your car is beyond repair

In case of a severe accident or theft of the car, most people think of making an insurance claim. If the accident is severe and the vehicle is damaged beyond repair you might think to scrap the vehicle. But it should be noted that in case of severe accident or theft of your car you can claim for insurance from your insurance company and the insured declared value of your car will be given to you minus the deductible.

Image of Effects of claiming wrong NCB

Effects of claiming wrong NCB

Wrong NCB declaration. No claim bonus is the discount provided on the own damage section of the car insurance for not claiming on your car insurance during the policy period. No claim bonus can range from 0% to 50% and increases with each claim free year. If a claim is made in any year the No claim bonus comes down to 0% and goes up to 50% if there is no claim in a span of 5 years.

Image of How to fill the claim form?

How to fill the claim form?

Insurance is a service based product and the real usage of insurance can be seen at the time of claim. The service provided by the insurance company at the time of claim determines the reputation of the insurance company. Insurance is an intangible product and the service offered at the time of claim settlement has a great impact on the satisfaction of the customer. So, it is of utmost importance for the policyholder to fill the claim form correctly and ensure that all the details are submitted while filling the claim form.

Image of How to prevent policy lapse?

How to prevent policy lapse?

Life insurance policy is one of the most popular financial planning tools which can be planned and executed for a long term. Unlike other financial tools the premium paid or the amount invested in the life insurance remains active only till the time the policy is active. In other words the coverage is available as long as the premium is paid on time and the policy is not lapsed.

Image of Reinstatement or New Policy

Reinstatement or New Policy

Life insurance policy is a long term policy where the premium payments can be made till the end of the policy period or for a certain period. It might be difficult to maintain the premium payments throughout the policy period due to certain unavoidable issues. In case of non payment of premium within the due date, grace period is provided to the customer to complete the payment of premium. If the premium payment is not done during the grace period then the policy will be lapsed and the customer would have the option to either reinstate the lapsed policy or take a new policy.

Image of Insurance vs Assurance

Insurance vs Assurance

Insurance and Assurance are the most common terms used in the insurance terminology. These terms although mean the protection against certain perils are different in terms of coverage offered to the policyholder.

Image of Genuineness of Car Insurance Policy

Genuineness of Car Insurance Policy

There are many ways to purchase car insurance and the most popular option is to approach an agent. Insurance companies appoint intermediaries to sell their car insurance policies and the list of intermediaries include Individual Agents, Banks, Car dealers, Corporate Brokers & Online. Online way of selling insurance is the new to the insurance industry and is gaining traction recently. Just before few years the insurance premium payments were done mainly through cash mode and a receipt was given to the customers as a token of payment received. This has paved way for many fraudsters to take the insurance premium from the customers dubiously and given them fraud insurance policies.


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