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Top 6 Advantages of Buying Online Two Wheeler Insurance

Two wheelers are one of the most preferred modes of transport in India for shorter distances as it provides the ease of travel and doesn’t require much space for parking. As it is the most convenient way of transport, it is highly preferred by many people. But as per the Motor Vehicle act it is mandatory to have a third party insurance before taking your vehicle on road. There are “n” number of insurance companies, intermediaries offering motor insurance both offline and online.

Top 7 Tips to reduce your Car Insurance Premium – Check for yourself

There was a time when owning a car was seen as a luxury. People with high income and rich people used to own cars in the beginning, but with the advent in the technology the cars are now available to even the middle class and above middle class. With the rise in the number of cars sold, the accident rate is also increasing thereby pushing the insurers to increase the insurance premium rates.

Zero Depreciation Add On in Car Insurance

Zero Depreciation add-on in Car insurance. Is it really necessary? Buying a car is a dream for many of us. While purchasing a car we put...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Insurance

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Insurance – Detailed Analysis

Policy Wordings

Download policy wordings from insurance companies in India

Should you file Small Claims under your Car Insurance?

Think whether it makes sense to file small claims under car insurance policy? Car insurance is an agreement between the Insured and the Insurer...

Second Hand Car Insurance

Second hand or Used Car Insurance - Everything to know before and after purchase. The process of buying used car or second hand car and insuring...

Rat Bite Cover In Car Insurance

Does your Car Insurance cover damages due to Rat Bite? A rodent or rat might chew the wires in the electrical system of the car which causes...

Insurance Claim For Car

Does applying for an insurance claim decrease the value of the car? Insurance can be better defined as a service rather than a product.

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