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Pay As You Drive vs Regular Comprehensive insurance

Pay as you drive is a comprehensive car insurance plan launched in the Indian market recently where the premium is charged only for the number of kilometres driven under the own damage section. The premium for the Third party section remains the same under the Pay as you drive section of car insurance.

Is personal accident insurance mandatory?

Personal accident insurance is a policy that provides compensation in to the insured or his/her family members in case of death or disability due to an accident. Accident is an event which is sudden, unforeseen and involuntary event caused by an external, violent and visible means. The insured pays certain amount as premium towards the personal accident cover and in turn the insurer pays the compensation in case of any event such as death or disability.

Guide For Food Related Claim

Floods can be defined as the overflow of the water in a particular area submerging the land that is usually dry. Floods are one of the most dangerous natural disasters mankind is experiencing. Floods occur due to various reasons such as heavy rainfall, water channel, drainage or nala encroachments and sudden release of water from dams. While the heavy rainfall induced flood is a natural phenomenon, the man made errors like encroachments, constructions near water bodies are also the causes for floods.

PolicyBachat Workflow

PolicyBachat is an online web aggregator based out of Hyderabad and approved by IRDA. We are the third largest web aggregators in India approved by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. We offer a wide range of insurance services to our customers with the help of technology and well trained agents. Our services include a variety of products such as Motor insurance, Health insurance, Life insurance, Travel insurance etc.,

Common Types Of Fraud Claims

Common types of fraud claims in India and the way they are handled by insurance companies

All you need about Waiting periods in Health Insurance

The awareness of having a health insurance policy has been increased drastically in the past 6 months. All thanks to COVID-19 which made people understand the advantages of having a health insurance policy. Taking a health insurance policy needs proper planning and research. The health insurance policy consists of waiting periods before availing certain benefits. It is the period when a certain illness, disease or surgery is not covered and you have to wait for a certain period of time for the coverage to kick start.

Lost your car key- Here are things to do.

Key is the most important part in a car. Having a mechanical or electronic key enables the car to be start and stop manually or electronically. While most of the people insure their car, insuring the keys is quite uncommon because people think that car keys can be replaced easily. This could be true in the case of manual keys but when it comes to remote operated keys; it is highly difficult to replace them locally.

Top 7 Tips To Prevent Car Theft

Mr.Rizzu has recently purchased a top end luxury car on his wedding anniversary. He lives in a locality with congested parking place which forced him to park his car outside of his house. One bad night while he was sleeping, his car was stolen by unidentified miscreants. All the efforts done to recover the car have gone in vain as the car could not be traced.

Does your Car Insurance cover Animal Attack?

There have been many instances of animal attack on the car resulting in the damage of the car. These animal attacks can be due to different reasons and the damage caused can be severe to the car. There are many types of animals which can cause damage to the car and result in huge amount for repairing the damages caused.

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