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Top 7 Tips To Prevent Car Theft

Mr.Rizzu has recently purchased a top end luxury car on his wedding anniversary. He lives in a locality with congested parking place which forced him to park his car outside of his house. One bad night while he was sleeping, his car was stolen by unidentified miscreants. All the efforts done to recover the car have gone in vain as the car could not be traced.

Does your Car Insurance cover Animal Attack?

There have been many instances of animal attack on the car resulting in the damage of the car. These animal attacks can be due to different reasons and the damage caused can be severe to the car. There are many types of animals which can cause damage to the car and result in huge amount for repairing the damages caused.

What is “Waiver of Premium” rider in Life Insurance?

Waiver of premium is a rider in life insurance policy that waives off the premium payments by the insured if the policyholder suffers from critical illness, accidental disability or serious injuries. The waiver of premium rider is available on payment of additional premium to the insurance company.

What happens if you give wrong information in the proposal form for insurance?

Mr. Girish has decided to take health insurance policy for him and his family members as the health care costs are rising continuously and any small health issue can seriously lead to financial crisis. So, he approached an agent for selecting the best health insurance policy. The agent had advised him a particular health insurance plan from XYZ insurance company, after calculating the premium and going through the brochure Girish has agreed to take the plan.

Everything you should know about “Pay as You Drive” Car Insurance

“Pay as you drive” is a new concept which was introduced in India recently and the success of it is yet to be ascertained. This product was introduced in the market as per the Sandbox regulations of IRDA for a period of 1 year, the continuity of the product will be reviewed after the trial period by IRDA.

Things to take care while driving your Car in Rainy season

Driving your car in monsoon season can be one of the toughest challenges faced by you. If you drive fast there would be a chance of skidding and accidents, if you drive slow you might damage the engine. It is highly important to strike equilibrium and reach your destination safely. Rainy conditions are directly associated with higher accident rates. No matter how many precautions you take it is highly possible to meet with even a minor accident or car repair during rainy season.

How to make a claim on two health insurance policies?

Mr. Jon working in an MNC has purchased a Health insurance from ABC insurance company along with his family for a family floater sum insured of Rs.4 Lacs. But with the rising medical operational costs he felt that this sum insured would not be enough and opted for an individual family health protection plan for a floater sum insured of Rs.8 Lacs from XYZ insurance company. He has taken adequate coverage and also informed the insurance companies regarding the other health insurance policy.

What is Key & Lock replacement cover in Car insurance? – Explained in Detail

Key protection cover or Key replacement cover is an add-on in Car insurance policy provided by the insurance companies. In case of loss of key or damage to the lock the insurer will settle the claim amount up to the limit as specified in the policy copy. The sum insured for this add-on ranges from Rs. 50k to Rs.5 Lacs depending on the insurance company and the IDV of the car.

Points to consider while taking car insurance – Think twice before you act

Mr. Choudhury working as a department head in an MNC has purchased a brand new AUDI car on loan for a period of 5 years. He has not paid much attention to the car insurance at the time of car purchase. Car insurance was taken from the showroom itself and nil dep was not included by the showroom in an attempt to reduce the overall premium.

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