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Does your home insurance policy cover damage due to flood?

Floods are caused due to the rise in the water level and damage the property by entering the house. The water level when exceeds the limit, water flows into the adjacent areas thereby drowning the property. The property such as Car, House and Home contents are damaged due to the ingression of water. To protect your property against flood damage, having a home insurance policy is a must.

From June to September every year, monsoon rains fall in India. The rains are crucial to agriculture, but sometimes there is a heavy rainfall in particular regions of India which causes the floods. The recent floods in Hyderabad have caused a major loss to the public in terms of property and lives. The heavy rainfall led to the sudden gush of water into the colonies and submerged the houses. The houses that are submerged in the water are prone to collapse and are to be repaired on a priority basis. There are instances where the houses are collapsed due to the heavy rainfall.

The content in the house such as TV, Fridge, AC etc are electronic items and furniture and fittings also come under the contents. These contents get damaged if they come in contact with water. During floods when the water flows into the houses, these things are damaged and people incur huge losses.

To avoid suffering losses in these situations, home insurance can be taken which covers both the structure of the house as well as the contents in the house.

What else does Home Insurance cover?

Apart from the damage due to the floods, home insurance covers many other perils. These perils are discussed below:-

  •  Fire: The basic coverage in the home insurance is the loss or damage to the structure and contents due to the Fire.  Damage caused to the property due to own natural heating, fermentation and spontaneous combustion is not covered under the home insurance policy.
  • Lightning:  Damage caused to the home due to lightening is covered under the home insurance policy. Lightning causes fire and other types of damages such as cracks in the roof of the building.
  • Explosion or Implosion: The home insurance policy covers the loss or damage to the property due to explosion or implosion. Explosion due to gas cylinder, geyser etc. can cause considerable damage to the structure and the content.
  • Damage due to Aircraft and Missile testing operations: Any damage to the property due to the parts dropping from aircraft, aircraft collision with property and other damages due to the missile testing operations are covered under your home insurance policy.
  • Impact Damage: Impact by an animal, a vehicle or an off-track rail other than that of the owner is covered under the home insurance policy. The impact damage due to insured’s own vehicle can be covered on payment of extra premium.
  • Act of God: Perils such as Floods, Typhoons, and Cyclones etc are a known as Act of God perils. These are caused by the nature and are not manmade. Any kind of damage to the property due to the act of god perils is covered under the home insurance policy.
  • Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage: Damage caused to your home as a result of strike, riot or malicious activity is covered under your home insurance policy. Malicious activity is that which is cased to the property wontedly with a criminal intent.
  • Bursting of tanks and Leakage of installations: Damage caused to your home due to the bursting of overhead tanks and leakage of sprinkler installations is covered under the home insurance policy.
  • Subsidence, Landslide or Rockslide: Subsidence is the sudden sinking of the earth surface thereby resulting in the collapse of the property. Landslide or rockslide is the movement of the earth which results in the collapse of the house.
  • Bush Fire: A fire in the scrubs or bushes which spreads rapidly and damages the house is called as bush fire. Forest fire is covered upon payment of additional premium.

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