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Endowment Policies are The Best Way To Insure and To Invest

Life Insurance Policy

"Your insurance becomes your investment." Isn't it the best deal that you will ever get? Let’s discover this exciting deal today.

We all know saving young earns more profit; this policy is identical to it. Endowment policies will make your purchase as an investment. If you have this policy in hand then you already have started saving. The amount you pay as a premium to your insurer is partly used for your life savings and the rest is used as your investment which supports you after your retirement.

In short, this endowment policy is triple benefiting with investments, tax saving and insurance. This plan entitles you with declaration bonus which is decided in accordance with your sum insured in certain percentages. In addition to this you will gain survival benefits to your dependents, where your sum assured is given to them after your demise.

If you are still alive on the date your policy maturity you will be given the sum assured amount along with the accumulated bonus till the maturity date while the maturity duration varies from company to company. Now it's your turn to meet two goals at the same time. Are you employing it?

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