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Explore The Furtive Side Of Baggage Claim

Travel Insurance Policy

Had your baggage claim got denied? Are wondering why it had happened? Then let us help you in discovering the truth.

By now you might be sure that your policy has no limitations towards your baggage. However you failed to notice the litigations involved with your luggage. In deep, your claim will be accepted only when your personal belongings were stolen, damaged or lost during your trip or on any delay occurred on your luggage which also has a specific waiting period as specified by your insurer.

You will be covered for the loss or theft of your passport or any financial loss incurred.But be aware of the exclusions on your baggage cover which includes the items left behind in hotel room, airplane, trains or trams after checkout. You will not be covered for the unattended luggage, including the bags locked in the boot of the car. Your jewelry, mobile phones, video cams or computers which travelled along with you in the airplane cargo will not be reimbursed. Along with these the coverage doesn't apply to the personal items that are lost in public places and if you are getting any reimbursement from any of your transport carrier, your insurer will step back from covering your loss. So, be careful while carrying your accessories. Forgetfulness might land you in trouble, you are warned beforehand.

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