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Get Newborn's Health Insurance Cover for Your Infant

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What else can be more welcoming than promising a secured healthy life for your newborn?Newborn health insurance covers all the medical expenses of your infant.

Never overlook your baby's safety. Buy best newborn health plan and add it to your existing family floater health policy to extend your health covers to your infant. Knowing the most basic facts about newborn health plan will make your purchase easier. Most of the health insurers issues newborn health additive to your health policy on or after 90 days of birth.

A few of them will cover your kid from day one under maternity benefit which also covers primary vaccine or post natal care. If you are opting for "from-day-one-care" you must inform your insurer within the week of birth and the cover will be maximum and added immediately for your policy else on the "after-90-day-care" the addition will be made at the time of renewal.

You are required to submit an application to your insurer for infant addition at the time of your policy renewal along with a copy of maternity discharge papers, your baby's birth certificate and medical reports.Once after the submission of the required documents your insurer will recalculate your premium after adding your infant cover and inform you the change that is where your infant cover commences.

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