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Health Insurance Mistakes That Might Prove to be Expensive

Health Insurance Policy

With the tremendous efforts put forward by the IRDA and the government to increase awareness about insurance, now almost more than 50% of the country's population is aware of the importance of possessing a health insurance policy.

But what most of us are not aware of are the mistakes that we often make while buying a policy that leads to high premium and unnecessary coverages.

The biggest mistake we often make is to not consider the greater picture and instead select a policy based only on the premium and the deductibles. It is very important that we read the clauses and the fine prints on a policy thoroughly to be sure about how it will be affecting us in case of an emergency. Betting a part of your household income on unnecessary coverage that will not save your finances during a medical emergency is nothing but foolishness. We also often ignore the importance of updating our insurer with any kind of changes in the health conditions, development of certain critical or chronic diseases, etc. This might lead to the denial of your claims for the above situations since the insurer was not aware of the development.

Be wise. Purchase a policy only after a thorough scrutiny of its clauses and comparison of the premium and benefits with other plans to get the complete value of money that you invested in the health insurance plan.

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