How to Choose Best Car Insurance Policy

Compare and Save 60% or More on Car Insurance

The law of the country and the sense of self security make car insurance mandatory for each and every car owner and driver. However, with so many car insurance companies operating in the market and such myriad policies being offered by them, deciding which policy to be most suitable for your requirements and within your budget becomes a tough affair. Some might be giving you vast coverage but going beyond your budget and sometimes affordability factor may force you to compromise on the coverage.

Here, internet definitely plays a major role where you can browse and shop around for car insurance quotes from different carriers, compare them and make the best choice. You can also find out all information about extras and benefits that might help reduce your premium considerably.

Simple Steps to get the Best Car Insurance Deals

Provided below is a concise guide that needs to be followed while purchasing car insurance. It makes the decision making process easier and faster and the policy cheaper.

Find the right coverage: One of the major steps towards obtaining a perfect insurance is by gathering information about all available policies and making a comparison among them. But to do this you need to first have a clear idea about your requirements. Also you need to be aware of the minimum amount of insurance coverage that the law of the country demands. Once you are well aware of these facts, comparing policies across all carriers and picking the correct one will become an easier task.

Keep in mind that company providing the greatest discounts need not provide the most affordable policies as their rates might be very high. Always select a policy seeing the final price after deducting the discounted amount.

Find the right provider: You can buy car insurance either through a broker or company agent or you can buy it online through an aggregator. The disadvantage of buying a policy from a broker or an agent is that they tend to look more at the benefit of the company they represent and that of their own rather than thinking about the benefit of the client. Also, they need to be paid a commission for their services. If you buy a policy online by gathering and comparing data through an aggregator, you get unbiased information as well as no commission charges are involved in the process.

Check licenses: You should always take care that you are buying insurance from a licensed company for your peace of mind.

Check financial stability and claim settlement ratio: Finding out the financial stability of an insurance company is an important step in deciding whether or not it will be able to settle your claims during an emergency. It is always advisable to choose a provider whose claim-settlement ratio is high.

Policybachat is one such insurance aggregator that is certified by IRDA and provides unbiased car insurance quotes from some of the top insurance carriers in the Indian market. You can fill in a few details in the car insurance calculator and get unbiased quotes from different companies and buy online.

Compare and Save 60% or more on Car Insurance Get Quotes