How to Insure Your Car with Best Car Insurance Policy in India?

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How to Insure Your Car with Best Car Insurance India Policy?

Buying online car insurance can be quite complex unless you are versed at choosing the right cover for your car.

If you have a new car finding best car insurance online is not a major task, but what happens if your car is an age old one? So, finding best and suitable car insurance is mandatory. However, you need to be picky while choosing a car insurance policy and this means you must give a thorough reading through the policy wording of the car insurance India policy as car insurance India policies are very definitive on what is written in these policy wordings.

Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance India online policies or even car insurance renewal plans are always beneficial when they are bought by comparing quotes with car insurance calculator from multiple insurance providers. This gives a clear view on who is offering you the best deal. You can get best guidance and support from our technical team by calling us at 1800-123-4006 or logon to to chat with us.

Follow the below checklist to ensure the best out of your car insurance policy:

I) Find the types of car insurance online

Car insurance India providers generally offer car insurance online policy under two categories:

a) Third party liability insurance - This plan covers the damage caused to property, occurrence of accidental death and injury to any third party with the fault of yours. This plan is a mandatory for all your cars while plying.

b) Comprehensive Plan - This car insurance India insurance policy usually is preferred as it offers coverage on both 'own damage' and third party legal liability. In addition to this, this online insurance plan also covers loss due to theft or damage caused by any unforeseen natural calamities like Typhoons, earthquakes and fire explosions.

Act quickly and buy your best quote on and enjoy our exemplary support round-the-clock. Call us on 1800-123-4006 and buy a best car insurance policy for your best car.

II) Research on the factors that affect the premium value of car insurance online policy:

four major factors that affect premium price calculation of car insurance India policy. These are based on the risks that the best car insurance company will undergo for underwriting process.

a) Car related risks - The insurance company checks for the Make, fuel type and cubic capacity of your car and will determine the premium on your chosen online insurance policy. During car insurance renewal your car will be given an estimated value as Insured declared value (IDV) which depends on Age of the vehicle. Car insurance renewal policy requires the age of your car and its depreciation which subsequently determine the premium that you pay.

b) Risks involved with location - Your area of registration plays a major role while determining your premium. As said premiums are directly proportional to the area you live. This means you have to pay high if you live in an urban area. If theft is high in the area where you live then the premiums go up.

c) Car insurance India policy claims history - The higher premiums you make the higher the premiums you will be paying for your car insurance company. If you have zero claims on your car insurance online plan, you will likely be awarded with No Claim Bonus which reduces your premiums for next payments.

d) Driver history - Best car insurance companies checks your age, profession and driving history while issuing car insurance online policy or car insurance renewal plans. The premium increases with the number of drivers. There are certain insurance companies that offer discount on some professions. Check for such options where you can reduce your premiums.

III) Tips to follow for saving on of your online insurance policy

a) Keep an eye on voluntary deductibles: Deductions or excess payments paid on the car insurance policy. If you are willing pay and repair your vehicle for petty damages from your pocket voluntarily, then you can cut the cost of your premiums on car insurance which is bought by comparing with car insurance calculator.

b) No claim bonus: Buy car insurance India policy by comparing with car insurance calculator and as well as prevent claiming your policy throughout the car insurance online policy period to receive No Claim Bonus on your next car insurance renewal.

c) Discount for security features: you gain discount on your car insurance India policy premiums by installing some security services like anti-theft devices or ABS system which enhance security of your car. However, only Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) approved devices will attract a discount on your premium.

In conclusion, the above all discussed factors play a deciding role in your premium amounts. So be circumspect while buying car insurance India policy. Moreover, buy your best car insurance policy or purchase car insurance renewal through online by comparing with car insurance calculator to gain much better plans for your car. Call us immediately on 1800-123-4006 for purchasing an ever beneficial car insurance policy for your dream car.

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