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Insight of Personal Accident Cover : Coverages and Benefits

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Life works unpredictably. We never know what hit us until we suffer. Many of us think that the precautions we take will be enough to keep us secure while travelling. It is hypothetical to thick that a totally precautious driver will never get into an accident that threatens his life.

The real fact is that accidents can happen to anyone and anywhere. This clearly indicates your duty to protect you safety while travelling on roads. Here in this facet we will advise you to enjoy your drive and leave your safety on personal accident cover.

Cover your drive from You are just a call away from us. Dial 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 to hear more about the best plan.

Personal accident cover will cover you on the occurrence of an accident. Some insurers not only will cover your accidents but also cover your minor injuries that happen in a day-to-day life. This plan will cover medical expenses incurred during your hospitalization.

Get your personal accident cover from Clear your doubts in a single call. Reach our insurance expert on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 to enjoy the uninterrupted service.

Minor injuries

When you are out of an accident with minor injuries you will get covered for your hospital charges and will receive hospital cash after 2 days of hospitalization.

Partial Disability

If you have experienced a partial disability due to accident you will receive some percent of amount from your total sum insured depending on the intensity of the disability.Visit for best insurance deal. Call our customer service on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 to know more.

Total Disability

On an account of total disability you will gain your sum Insured back at a certain percentage and will be covered for your medical and hospitalization charges.


Death is the worst case where your family will receive the total sum insured and your child will be aided for further education and your family will be covered for funeral expenses.

Know the Converges Included and situations excluded

On an accident you will be covered for Accidental death, permanent disability, and permanent partial disability. You will receive double indemnity for accidental death or permanent disability. Through this personal accident cover you will receive hospital cash after 2 days of hospitalization.

However, there are also some situations where your personal accident cover will not be valid. They include pre-existing disability/ accidental injury or pregnancy or child birth. Situations like suicide, self-injury, and accident occurred under the influence of alcohol or drugs and injuries caused under nuclear war effect or terrorism.

Benefits of Personal Accident Cover

With this personal accident cover in hand you will be benefitted by medical expenses cover, hospital cash, any legal procedure expenses, along with educational grant for your child. You will be exempted from medical test for buying this cover.

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