Know How to Report a Complaint Against Insurance Company to IRDA

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Did your insurer overlook you? Are you the victim of his uncooperativeness? You have many ways to file a case on your insurer for his negligence in processing claims or proposals or service policies.

You have the right to charge him for his indifference with your insurance policy, be it a general insurance or life insurance policy.

Your charges against him can be processed through the following ways:

Writing to Insurance Company:

File a written complaint against your insurer to the head of Grievance Redressal officer. Don't forget to get an acknowledgement slip after filing the complaint. Go for your insurer's website or check within your policy documents for the insurer contact details or visit IRDA for the contact of your insurer.

Limitation of time:

The insurance company should re-address the charge within 15 days from receiving the statement from Grievance Redressal officer. If the insurance company fails to report the case it will gain you a chance to charge the insurer at IRDA. Log-on to to find varied insurance plans that befits you and your family. Reach our insurance experts on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 upon your queries.

Inform IRDA:

It is necessary to let IRDA know about your insurer and the loss incurred to you through it. For complaining against your insurer you must need to call the grievance cell of IRDA or fill the application for complaint regarding, which is available on IRDA website.

Report Grievance cell of IRDA:

With Integrated Grievance Management System of IRDA, you can monitor or lodge the complaint that you have charged against your insurer. You’re required to fill some details that are considered vital to file a complaint. After filing the complaint preserve the token number that you have received for your further reference. Buy the best policy from Contact our insurance expert teamon 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 for your queries.

Approaching Civil Court:

Upon your dissatisfaction with your insurer, you are liable to register a complaint against your insurer in a civil court.

On a whole it is necessary to lodge a complaint on your insurance company upon the negligence of your insurer followed by your dissatisfaction. Later IRDA follows your complaint and allows you to revise your complaint in midway.

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