Learn the claim settlement process of Nissan Evalia insurance policy

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Even if your Nissan Evalia XE is secured with the best ever Nissan Evalia car insurance policy, one can't avoid accidents.

You might not be the cause of an accident but you can sometimes become a victim. The damages incurred in an accident are very expensive and are need to be claimed for monetary aid or reimbursement. Your Nissan Evalia car insurance company follows a procedure while accepting the claims made.

Car Insurance Policy

Let us get a closer look into the terms involved while claiming Nissan Evalia XLcar insurance policy.

  • Immediately after the accident, report your Nissan Evalia XV auto insurance company about the accident and the damage caused to your Nissan Evalia SV.
  • Don't forget to mention the accident location and if possible provide your car insurance company with the photographs of the accident.
  • Always mention correct date and time. Claiming is a crucial juncture and your Nissan Evalia XL with Option car insurers’ will double check your given data before accepting your claims.
  • Cover note your insurer mentioning the details of your car like car number, Car model and chassis number.
  • Carry all the necessary documents while getting your Nissan Evalia XV with Option repaired at a nearest network garage.
  • Note that the claim application should be duly signed by you along with supporting documents like self-attested RC copy, and driving license along with the originals for verification. Repairs done without these documents can’t be reimbursed.
  • Once your claim is accepted, a surveyor will inspect your car damages and the location of accident. Upon his assessment your car insurer will approve your claim limit.
  • Insurance company will get your vehicle repaired at the network garage and the repair charges are directly settled between them. If any damage is caused out of the car insurance policy, then you are required to pay for those damages from your pocket.
  • If you need a reimbursement, report the same to your Nissan Evalia car insurance company. After the surveyor analysis, the vehicle can be repaired. For reimbursements you need to submit original repair invoice along with payment slip to your insurance company.

Claiming is not tough. The process might take a week to complete. To make your Nissan Evalia insurance claims accepted, provide correct information to your insurance company.

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