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Travel Insurance for Long Term Travelers

Are you planning to go for an extended holiday or a prolonged business trip to a foreign country? An elongated trip may also increase the risk of falling ill abroad or face other unfortunate situations during the course of the trip which may turn your vacation or business tour into a hassle-prone and frustrating affair. If such trips are on your mind, secure yourself in a foreign land by planning for long-term travel insurance.

Standard long term travel insurance policies give coverage for one to six months. However if you are planning for a year-round trip, you need to consider a "backpacker's policy" which gives you coverage even if it is a luxury trip. As with normal policies, it covers the standard risks like medical expenses, trip cancellations, stolen luggage and other possessions, etc. Some additional coverages may also be provided depending on the activities that you plan to undertake on the trip.

Things to look for in the long term travel insurance policy

Since the period of the trip you are planning for is long, the risks are also more. Hence, you need to be extremely careful while choosing your policy. You should try and anticipate all the possible incidents that you may encounter while on the trip and check if all or most of them are covered by the insurance policy.

Firstly, check for the countries for which the policy offers coverage so that the country you are visiting is not excluded from it. There are certain long-term travel insurance plans that offer cover for only some specific countries.

Secondly, you should consider the activities that you plan to take part in the extended trip and check how much coverage you are getting for them. You may not get all your plans covered as they keep on changing, especially when the trip is long. However you can make your insurer aware of your general plans and check if you are getting adequate coverage for them. The range of coverage will vary from one insurer to another if you are planning to indulge in high-risk activities like adventure sports. Hence, you should try to find the most useful one among them.

A standard long term travel insurance policy will provide coverage for the basic necessities like medical and hospitalization charges, loss of baggage, flight or trip cancellation and so on, which you must look for while buying a policy.

What should an ideal standard long-term insurance coverage include?

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