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Optimize Your Benefits By Using Your Look Out Period

Online Insurance Policy

Are you utilizingthe customer friendly features that are incurred to you through your insurance policy? Insurance free look out period is one of them.

This free look out period is a golden egg which ultimately benefits when it is used entirely. Based on your information provided in your application form, you will receive a call from an agent explaining about the free look out period which usually is for 15 days. After receiving the required documents, you are advised to save the delivery date of your look out period.

But be keen while reading the terms and signing the document as there might be a fair chance of signing a back-dated receipt which ends you up in cutting out the free look out period. If you find any falsified policy commitments you can immediately terminate the policy. But be sure to call the customer care of the insurer and know the process of cancellation rather going for direct oral cancellation to avoid any further complications. However, after cancelling the insurance policy don’t expect a full premium refund as some part of it will be used on your medical tests and other expenses. But still this Look out period is customer beneficial and you must make the most from it. So, start working on your free look out periods for enjoying more benefits.

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