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Overlooked Clauses Can Fail the Purpose of a Travel Policy

Travel Insurance Policy

By now you are already aware that travel insurance is undoubtedly an integral part of your travel plan.

Regardless of this awareness, there are certain clauses you tend to overlook while purchasing the policy which might render your policy to be useless. It is unwise to hide pre-existing health conditions from the insurer as the insured might land up not getting covered for sickness during the trip caused because of the pre-existing disease.

A second big mistake is thinking online travel insurance plans do not offer coverage for adventure sports.

This is a little tricky as plans for adventure activities comes as additional riders with the main policy and not as separate policies, which many people are not aware of. This is the reason why shopping around for travel policies through online aggregators like or consulting insurance specialists is important before taking a travel insurance policy.

Every type of travel insurance policy is different from the other to some extent creating a lot of confusion among insurance seekers.

Hence it is always good to research about the coverages, premium and additional riders available and the make the right choice so that you do not make the mistake of missing out on a necessary coverage for your trip.

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