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Personal Accident Insurance Whereabouts

Car Insurance Policy

Personal Accident Insurance coverage, though not very familiar among the Indian masses, is equally important as any other type of insurance. Why? Let us find out.

Though low commissions have given Personal Accident insurance a backseat, its utility is strongly felt in case of an accident. This coverage comes into play if the insured person has sustained major injuries or has passed away due to an accident.

It is important even if you already possess a term insurance or a mediclaim policy. In case of death of the insured in a fatal road accident, the above policies will pay a lumpsum amount.

But if the accident left him permanently or partially disabled that result into job loss, the above policies will not cover for it. A personal accident plan will pay not only for accidental deaths but also for partial or permanent disablement. Personal Accident insurance is like a financial security for loss of income as an aftermath of an accident.

This policy happens to be pretty affordable and the insured can even get upto lakhs of rupees as sum insured by just spending a few hundred rupees a year. Premiums here are not dependent on the age of the person but are decided as per his occupation. This means that customers involved in low risk jobs get to pay lower premiums that those involved in risky jobs.

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