Purchasing Car Insurance Online Helps Save Money

Compare and Save 60% or More on Car Insurance

The number of people using the internet have increased manifold and is not only restricted to the urban zones any more but has penetrated to the grass-root levels as well.

By June 2014, India had touched figure of almost 243 million internet users. The Indian insurance industry has used this medium in a great way to make more and more people grow interest in taking insurance. Car insurance India is one such sector which has benefitted massively through car insurance online.

Car Insurance Policy

Whether you want to buy car insurance or renew car insurance, doing it online is the simplest way out.

As a result of the expanding online market, almost each and every car insurance provider has plunged into the business of providing web portal services to facilitate the process of purchasing car insurance policy.

The biggest advantage that car insurance online has brought along with it is the facility to pay through the net via debit or credit card, PayPal or net banking. This system has completely changed the process to a cashless one. Besides the insurer portals, a number of online aggregators have also come into the market. These not only facilitate the process of purchasing car insurance policy but also help in obtaining car insurance quotes from various companies, right on your computer screen. You can find more about purchasing car insurance online in aggregators like www.policybachat.com.

Low-cost Online Car Insurance Policy

Buying car insurance online is undoubtedly the cheapest way to get your vehicle covered against emergencies. This method proves to be almost 20-25% cheaper than the traditional ways of purchasing car insurance policies through agents, brokers or directly from the company branches. A question might strike you that why is there a difference in the pricing of policies through the online and offline channels when in both cases, it is being provided by the same set of car insurance companies. This is due to the hidden agents or brokers' commission, official duty charges associated with document preparation and so on. These hidden charges are not included during online purchase of car insurance policy and hence the premiums are lower. These advantages are applicable for online car insurance renewal also.

Comparing car insurance policy online is simple.

Comparing quotes for car insurance online is the simplest and the most precise way to get quotes from different companies and compare them before making a purchase. Firstly it relieves you from the hassle of running to various insurance company branches for getting quotes. When you look for quotes online, the only thing you need to do is to full a simple form called the car insurance calculator and you get to see the premiums and features of all the available plans within minutes right on your computer screen. Secondly, you get an honest picture about the pricing and features of the policy as the quotes you get are completely unbiased.

Easily accessible and always available

Car insurance online providers or aggregators can be very easily accessed through the internet or over the call. In case of queries, you can either log in to the website and chat with their executives or call on their number for the same. For instance, if you are searching for quotes through Policy Bachat, you can always log onto www.policybachat.com or call their executives on their toll-free numbers 1800 123 4006 / 1800 123 4003 for assistance.

To conclude, we can say that car insurance online is the smartest, simplest and the most cost- effective way of comparing and purchasing car insurance policy and ensuring proper protection for yourself and your car on the drive.

Compare and Save 60% or more on Car Insurance Get Quotes