Renault Koleos Insurance Policy: Avail Additional Protection with Riders

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Everyone who owns a car possesses a car insurance policy. But how many of you are availing the benefits that come with the policy? Your Renault Koleos 4x2 MT needs a perfect coverage to sustain hardships.

Do you know what the best coverage for your dream motor is? Explore Renault Koleos car insurance policy and get to know about the car insurance coverages. Remember a best coverage will decide the reliability of your Renault Koleos insurance plan.

Car Insurance Policy

A general comprehensive coverage might not be able to suffice enough protection to your Renault Koleos 4X4 MT. So choose the best riders available in the market for an additional protection. Here are the vital riders for your Renault Koleos 4X4 AT.

No Claim Bonus: Did you know you can protect your No Claim bonus. There is add-on coverage to cover your NCB acquired for your safe driving. This cover will enable you to claim for your damages without losing earned bonus. Get this cover added to your Renault Koleos insurance policy and keep your NCB safe even after claiming.

Hydrostatic cover: Get your Renault Koleos covered from floods or any water caused damages. Your normal Renault Koleos car insurance policy will not cover theses damages and your claim will end up rejected. Buy this rider to cover your vehicle from consequential damages.

Depreciation Cover: Is your vehicle getting older? Is your Renault Koleos car insurance renewal pricey? Don't worry. Add depreciation cover rider for your car plan. This add-on will cover the price depreciation caused to your Renault Koleos due to the age of vehicle. This cover will save handsome sum. The claims you have been appealed for will be paid without and depreciation deductions.

Riders may cost you some additional bucks, but they are worth spending. Benefits of these additional covers are unparalleled.

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