Research on Insurers' Identity to Identify the Fake Auto Insurance Policies

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Fraudulent insurance policies are the nightmares of insurance marketers as well as the insured.

You might invest some thousands of rupees on such fraudulent motor insurance plans anticipating a fair support when needed. Generally these frauds come into light during claims where your claim will be rejected. But by knowing the basic details about your insurer and your policy premiums will ascertain the policy's trustworthiness.

Car Insurance Policy

Take care of the below aspects before signing-up for an auto policy.

Be connected with your insurer

This makes your process easy. Keeping in touch with your insurer will always lead your way to the truthful insurer. Connect with your insurer by calling them on their toll free number or mailing them in regular intervals. You can also visit the nearest branch office of your insurer. Call us anytime on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 to know about the best insurance policy. Visit to chat with our insurance experts.

Check the insurer's license

Note that every individual insurer is recognized by the government and is certified with varied identification documents. Be sure to check them with your insurer prior buying the policy.

Check IDV and NCB values

While buying a policy verify your car's Insured declared value, the deductibles like compulsory deductible, additional compulsory deductible & voluntary excess and no claim bonuses as they will certainly determine the falsification of the policy.

Get a receipt for your paid premium

If you are paying your premium by cash make sure to collect receipt from your insurer which is duly signed and dated as it ensures more safety transaction. Although most of the insurers attach the bill with the policy, they will issue another fresh bill by hand if you have asked for it.

Get your proposal form signed

Never let anyone sign your insurance proposal form. Get it self-signed by the authorized insurance provider. This is the most important rule while buying a policy.

No Clear Associations then No policy

The fraudulent insurers will mostly have meaningless names with no specific association. Never go with such auto insurers. Don’t trust the insurer immediately even if they carry an ID, they might be falsified.

Summarizing, Know more about your auto insurance company beforehand, calculate their claim settlements and look for their customer reviews. They become handy in deciding the trustworthiness of the insurer. Don’t go blindly to an insurer who issues insurance for cheaper premiums. Do your research. We are here to help you. Ring us on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 to talk to our insurance experts or visit to browse varied insurance policies.

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