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What does Maruti Suzuki Ertiga VDi general car insurance policy cover? Common comprehensive Maruti Suzuki insurance plan covers regular damages caused in an accident and offers medical aid to the insured.

However, this comprehensive plan fails to cover the fatal damages that incur in an accident. To keep your Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZDi you need additional security. All the major Maruti Suzuki car insurance companies issue add-on covers for an additional safety for your dream motor. Here is a list of necessary add-ons for your vehicle.

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Zero Depreciation: With zero depreciation cover you receive full claim without any deductions on your car. Usually, without zero depreciation coveryour Maruti Suzuki auto insurance company will deduct a percentage on your claim as depreciation. This zero depreciation cover will cover your cars' age and issues full claim amount.

Quick Road assistance: A flat tire in a remote location is always a nightmare. Now there are no worries with quick road assistance add-on. Quick road assistance covers remote location accidents, fuel emergency and flat tires. With this add-on you can avail services like immediate taxi or fuel assistance when you are in a remote location.

Engine cover: Repair of engines costs fortune. A normal comprehensive car plan fails to cover this damage. But covering your Maruti Suzuki engine with Engine protection cover will aid you in repairing the damaged engine or your Maruti Suzuki insurer will reimburse the repair charges incurred.

NCB protection: NCB is acquiredas an appreciation for not claiming during a policy period. This NCB is transferable for coming policy years. But if in an accident you have claimed for the damages, your existing NCB will come to zero. Under this circumstance NCB protection cover will cover your existing NCB and issues normal claim settlement without disturbing your NCB.

Personal Accident cover: With this cover you can cover yourself and your paid driver. Under any unforeseen circumstances if you are injured this cover offers full medical attention. However, this plan can't be availed by commercial vehicles.

Get your Maruti Suzuki Ertiga covered by these add-ons and enjoy a hassle free ride. Even if you pay for these add-ons they are worth spending.

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