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Slightly Lofty Premium Gives Lifelong Support for Pre-existing Diseases!

Health Insurance Policy

Pay a little more. Hold your patience for a certain waiting period. Start enjoying the benefits - This is the procedure for getting covered for a pre-existing disease by a health insurance company.

Sounds a little burdening, isn’t it? Before reaching a negative conclusion, let us get a deeper insight about the issue. Most insurance companies in India refrain from providing coverage for pre-existing illnesses and those that do, go by the norm that the benefits will be provided only after a certain waiting period that varies across insurers.

Even if you transfer your online health insurance policy with another company, you still need to fulfill the waiting period clause. Moreover, the premiums go higher for this clause as the liabilities are more.

Now let's look at the positive side. What if the chronic ailment gives into something more serious involving huge expenses? Will that not be a financial burden, both on you and your family? However, you can easily avoid such situations by just investing a little more money on your health insurance policy to get that extra coverage for your pre-existing disease.

By now you must have understood the need to get hold of this extra coverage even though it costs you a little more. So go ahead and secure your health for the future!

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