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There Are Certain Things You Should Know About a Two Wheeler Insurance

Your two-wheeler might be one of the most cost-effective means of daily commute for you or biking might be your passion. No matter what the reason is, the two-wheeler is surely one of your prized possessions. However, it is important to remember that as important it is for you to have a two-wheeler, equally important it is to keep it and yourself safe from hazardous incidents. Thus, it is very crucial to get your vehicle insured against any kind of man-made or natural calamities, accidents, thefts or burglary and so on.

You can get two-wheeler insurance from two sources: Either through insurance agents belonging to individual insurance companies or you can get it online through a web aggregator. The advantage of buying insurance online through web aggregators is that the quotes that you compare through them are unbiased unlike company agents. It also reduces the research time as you get quotes from all insurance companies under one roof and makes the process less expensive as all these services are for free. Whereas, there is always commissions associated with agents, which ultimately increases the cost of the policy.

There are two choices in two-wheeler insurance: Either you can buy just Third Party Coverage, which is the minimum insurance requirement by the Indian law, or you can get a Comprehensive Policy that will cover all kinds of accidental damages, thefts, burglary, third party liabilities, etc. Besides insuring yourself and your vehicle, you can also insure the pillion rider who frequently rides your bike by taking an add-on rider along with your comprehensive two-wheeler policy. Personal accident coverage is a default amount that is included in every comprehensive bike insurance policy and no extra premium needs to be paid for it.

Just like riding a bike gives you a sense of immense pleasure, similarly a bike insurance policy gives you that sense of protection against that financial load that might pile up on your shoulder following an unforeseen incident. So as soon as you buy a two-wheeler, make sure you don’t forget to cover it with a two-wheeler insurance policy.

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