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Travel Insurance for Corporate Travelers

You might wonder why you need separate travel insurance for your business trip when you already have a health insurance plan or a workers compensation plan. The reason is that these plans will not provide the immediate assistance that may be required by a corporate traveller. When you go for a business trip, there are too many things that go on in mind- your flight and the business-class fare, travel booking, safety of business related equipment and so on. A corporate travel insurance policy can take some of the stress out of your mind and help concentrate and execute your business in a better way. A Business or Corporate Travel insurance provides an all-inclusive insurance package that cover medical and health expenses, trip cancellation or interruption charges and so on.

What does Corporate Travel Plans mostly offer?

Any Corporate s Travel plan offers a plethora of benefits to business travellers during their trips abroad for official purposes. Some of the common coverage across all the available business travel plans is:

What does Corporate Travel Plans do not cover?

How to get a good corporate travel insurance plan?

Though very limited number of insurance companies offer business travel insurance in India, yet it is always wise to compare the travel insurance plans available through an insurance aggregator before buying it. Buying the corporate travel insurance plan online is always the best option as insurance companies often give attractive discounts and additional benefits when policies are purchased online.

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