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Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Procedures

Isn't buying the bike of your choice with your hard-earned money a great feeling? It's almost a blissful feeling of going free on the road on your dream machine. And with all the media coverages about the increasing number of bike accidents and mass awareness programs, you might be among one of those sensible ones to get a helmet before you start riding. But the question here is - do all your responsibilities end with just wearing a helmet, for safety, while driving? Does it take away all the other risks that you or your vehicle might come across? It does not. This is the reason why you need to get yourself and your two-wheeler insured so that it can protect you financially during accidents or any other unforeseen events and also let you enjoy the pleasure of biking.

If you possess a good two-wheeler policy, it will save you from the financial turmoil that generally accompanies an accident or theft or any other damage that is caused without warning. However, one major factor that you need to take care while purchasing bike insurance is whether the insuring company is a certified one and whether it is financial stable enough to settle your claim at the time of emergency without delay or hassle.

In case your bike is stolen or damaged in an accident, the first thing you need to do is to file a police complaint. Without police report, the insurance company will not start their procedure. After all their investigations, once the insurer decides that it has no spurious activities involved and is a genuine case of theft or accident, the claim is settled by the company.

There are a few steps to be followed to ensure that your claim process runs smoothly:

The theft or accident is to be reported to the insurance company as soon as possible. Also filing a FIR with the police is also necessary in certain cases.

Fill the claim form with correct information and inform the insurer about the approximate loss suffered due to the event.

The insurance company conducts an inspection of the damaged vehicle to gauge the amount of loss, on which depends your claim settlement.

You will have to provide obligatory documents to support your estimation of the amount of loss.

If you fail to provide convincing reasons for the reason of loss, you need to atleast establish that the damage was caused due to a hazard covered under the two-wheeler insurance policy.

If you are able to provide all the details as mentioned in the above points, only then the insurance company will settle your claim and pay your cheque which can save you from the unforeseen expenditure brought upon you by an accident or any other reasons.

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