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Why Your Best Health Insurance India Often Turns Out To Be Ineffectual?

Health Insurance Policy

You generally buy a product with the expectation that you will be able to use it immediately and every time you need it.

You buy health insurance India also with similar anticipations, which is not wrong. But it's not mandatory that these anticipations will come true, especially when it comes to health insurance policy. While purchasing a health insurance policy, we generally tend to concentrate on only the price and tag a policy to be the best health insurance if we get the cheapest deal.

In this money-saving venture, we tend to overlook a few very critical points ultimately making us realize that the deal was not a correct one. Some vital points that we often miss out on are:

We often fail to check the waiting period of health insurance India. This time is mentioned in the health insurance policy during which you will not receive any financial benefits from the insurance companies in case of any emergencies. It is only after the completion of this period that you will be able to reap the benefit. Waiting period cannot be avoided as it’s there in every plan but the number of days can range from 30 to 90 days. Waiting periods for insurance policies offering coverage for pre-existing or critical diseases can range from 2-4 years depending on the policy.

If a Health insurance India policy offers cashless facility, we fell happy about it. We think that because it is cashless, it will take care of all emergency situations at all times. This is true, but what we forget is that cashless facilities are available only at network hospitals. If treatment is done in any other hospitals due to emergency, the money has to be paid from your pocket at that time. Thus it is always preferable to buy your medical insurance from a renowned and trustworthy company who can come for your assistance during such situations. It is also advisable to keep some cash or card handy during an emergency.

Purchasing a health insurance policy based only on the network hospitals is not the mutual a good idea as this list of preferred hospitals is not always constant. It's upgraded or downgraded depending on the mutual understanding and interaction between the hospitals and the health insurance companies. Now, if you buy a policy based only on the "network hospitals" factor, you may suffer at a later age as at that time your preferred hospital might no longer be covered under the network of your insurer.

Claim based loading is another aspect which you do not realize while purchasing a policy. We buy health insurance India with the notion that the premium will remain the same at all times. Unfortunately, this is not true. Medical insurance is a one-year contract and if you had made any claims in the previous year, the insurer raises the premium on renewal of the policy based on the amount claimed.

In a nut-shell, purchasing a health insurance is not that easy as it appears. You cannot buy a medical insurance just by concentrating on any one factor. A best health insurance policy is one which gives you proper financial assistance during emergency and keeps your premium within an affordable limit.

Health Insurance Policy

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